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Hi, I’m Lindsay. I am the Founder of Plot Twist Travels, a books-meet-travel site that helps readers experience the world one new book at a time.  Life can keep you from traveling, particularly those of us who are mothers of young kids, and I am on a mission to help people travel through books.  Join me in my literary adventures where we’ll be exploring cities across the world and the books that showcase them.

When I don’t have my head in a book, I am working in Chicago supporting women entrepreneurs as they start and grow their small business. Want to learn more about growing your own small business?  You can connect with me on LinkedIn, as well as the Life + Career Tips Section of the blog (coming soon!), where I regularly write about how to grow your own small business.

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This blog is a hobby built on a need to share books far and wide. Some links are affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you choose to purchase that item.  Thank you for your support!