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Welcome to Plot Twist Travels

Welcome, reader! We are so happy to have you here. Wondering how we can be helpful?

A few ways…

#1 – Read our articles. Enjoy travel with us through the books we read and the adventures we have in Chicago.

#2 – Join us for a book-filled tour in Chicago. Join one of our Chicago Tours to join one of our upcoming tours around town.

#3 – Customize your own trip. You name a city, a few favorite books and your favorite drinks. You tell us how long of a book filled trip you want to take. We find the books to match your preferences, the literary gems along the way and some places for food and drinks to keep you happy. We then put it all together in one itinerary just for you! You will receive a PDF itinerary full of pre-trip reads, bookish stops in your city, and books to accompany you on your journey. Contact us to learn more!

Join us in whatever way you choose – everyone needs a bit of bookish travel in their lives!

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